Natural stones bring us closer to the nature.

It helps us to forget the cement’s aesthetics and the way of living in the impersonal cruel city.

It inspires us to remember our companies in green full of very clear water yards to think about our next escape into traditional villages, hills, mountains, seashores and riverbeds.

If we go there we will surely admire a piece of stone with the unique shapes and colors.

We consider ourselves very lucky to be preoccupied with the stone.

That’s why for a decade or so we invest with love and ardent desire to:

  • The knowledge and the promotion of this “lively” object
  • The steady and long – lasting collaborations with quarries and other productive units
  • The serious and energetic contributors in Greece and abroad.

We are trying to:

  • Give the exact information related to characteristics, resistance, shades as well as the fitting of different types.
  • Maintain a sufficient and needed quantity of the most demanding types.
  • Assure the demanding quantities in the least time but the best quality.
  • To help our customers with ideas and solutions personally.

You have an idea? We supply you the appropriate stone!

Do you feel Creative? Together we will work out your own, strictly personal, choice.

Because … we are inspired by nature.


Paris Stahopoulos