Select  among our various mosaic patterns, ready in our stock, or pick up your picture and dimensions  and let us create yours.

Mosaics – Image Gallery

You can see mosaic photos as well as applications of mosaics.

The mosaics shown are only a sample.

Variety of Subjects – Dimensions

The variety of subjects of the mosaics is wide and also inexhaustible. It includes all possible subjects, from a classical work of art to a landscape we saw and photographed while on vacation, from portraits of beloved ones to a modern theme.

Therefore, beyond the subjects we present in our catalogue, almost any image of the client’s choice can be used, from a digital photograph to a unique mosaic. Depending on the design there can be some limitations to the dimensions, for example an intricate motif needs larger dimensions to be properly presented.

Below is a general classification of a variety of subjects with the minimum necessary dimensions.


Minimum Dimensions

Geometrical 50x50cm
Flowers 80x80cm
Vases 80x80cm | 50x120cm
Edging strips After order
Carpets 100x160cm
Animals 80x80cm
Portraits 80x80cm
Multiple portraits 100x160cm
Religious 80x80cm


The mosaic image is placed onto its final location with strong glue.

In this way we achieve:

  • to show a uniform image of the mosaic
  • a uniform set
  • to protect it from dirt and mainly dampness

The final finish with protective oil brings out the colors, but also protects from water-dampness, especially for mosaics placed onto floors and exterior walls.

Stone Tesseras

PANGEA imports and deals stone tesseras for people who work on mosaics (as a hobby or professionally).