Mosaic tesserae in various colors and materials, suitable for mosaic hobbyists.

Most of these are marbles, except a few being artificial granites.

Dimensions : 7x10mm, 10-20cm length.

You can cut it, depending on the wished length, with a hand cutter.

PANGEA imports mosaic pieces for people who are dealing with mosaics (for hobby or professional).

These pieces are from natural stones (marbles, granites, slates, limestones).

Exceptions are 2-3 kind which are from artificial stones because those colors are very rare.

The tesserae are available in 39 colors according to the following sample book:


They can be delivered in sticks 10x7mm and length 15-20cm. Charging for the tesserae according to their weight.

Samples and also specific orders can be send all over Greece. You can contact us for more information.