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House MC Patrick Mykonos

The redesign of the residence in Chora, Mykonos Town, with the addition of a new floor, aimed to create an introspective space that is protected from prying eyes, without being deprived of views.

The architectural design restates the Cycladic standard whitewashed house with a yard, presenting a main volume of stone, concrete and trowelled plaster, which projects and simultaneously recedes with plasticity of form, creating corridors, walkable roofs, recessed sitting corners, even a swimming pool. Loose post and beam pergolas in solid wood delimit the key points of the surrounding area, i.e. the entries to the plot, the residence and the pool.

The stone structure of the existing building is left untreated on the lower level and part of the ground floor, with additions at ground and first floor levels coated in white. According to the new requirements of the residence, the internal layout of its three levels allows them to function independently.

The southeastern main entrance leads to a central corridor-circulation    axis that intersects the plan in the middle and successively joins the front yard to the kitchen, the internal communal sitting area and the back yard, ending in a rectangular pool. Two  en-suite  bedrooms and one master suite are on either side of the corridor. The lower level comprises a separate guesthouse with two en-suite bedrooms, a kitchen and sitting area, as well as auxiliary and functional spaces.

On the higher level, two more   en-suite   bedrooms open out towards the walkable roof, one to a private terrace and the other to the length of the level enjoying panoramic views to the port and the sunset. Apart from the white walls, the colour palette inside follows the darker hues of natural stones and minerals of the island, as manifested in the dark wooden staircase, metal furniture and decorative elements.

The cement screed of interior floors follows  the gravel laying the external yards and the cement flags of the entries chromatically. Wooden trellises verdant with herbs and shrubs signify the communal outdoor areas and provide cooling, at the same time contributing to the building’s privacy despite its proximity to the settlement.