Wall Cladding

Machine – cut tiles, rockface, masonry, strips and irregular stones in different colors, dimensions and selections.

Rockface tiles

Natural travertine tiles suitable for indoor and outdoor wall cladding.

Available dimensions:

  • 8x22x1cm
  • 10x30x2cm
  • 15x30x2cm


Machine cut tiles in different dimensions, glued together into one piece with dimensions 15x60cm.

Thickness depends on the type of the panel that you choose (2-3cm , 3-4 cm)


Irregular stones, thickness 3-5cm, 30-50cm length, backside machine cut, front side rock face, ready to be installed into the wall.


Hand cut stone tiles in 4 different dimensions  and thickness 1-2 cm, creating a pattern.

  • 10×10 cm
  • 10×20 cm
  • 20×20 cm
  • 20×30 cm


Various stones for wall cladding, also for building walls, in 3 types:

  • Natural  ( Free lengths , 10-25cm width, 10-25cm thickness)
  • Machine cut ( free lengths , 5-12cm width , 5-12cm thickness)
  • Strips ( free lengths , 3-5cm width , 3-5cm thickness)


Flexible stone veneer just 3mm thick can be used for interior cladding applications suck as walls, doors, cupboards as well as bath, WV, spa etc. Big size and flexibility of the veneers enables extraordinary project designs even on curved surfaces

Machine split

Rectangular stones, which have been processed with the split machine.


Stones in their natural irregular form, as being mined from the quarry.

Irregular Quarry