Special Products

Special products

  • For cleaning and protection of natural stones.
  • Water Pumps , tanks, Outlets and Mist makers.
  • GRAVELFIX and LINE GREEN for fixing gravel surfaces.
  • GABIONS metal cages

Tap basins

Bronze taps for Tap basins, in three different patterns.

Water Taps Natural Stones Pangea

Water Tanks

There are many applications for this product. One of them is the fountain construction. These plastic (PVC)  water tanks allow the water storage, in order to be recycled combined with a water pump. We can supply various dimensions, depending  on the application.


Galvanized gabions used for garden-walls and various applications. Combined with split and pebble filling, compose an impressive structure for your garden.

Cabions Natural Stones Pangea

Water Pumps – Mist Makers

Water pumps are used to create a fountain . Each one has different characteristics, depending on the application (size of the fountain).

Mist Maker is a special product, which  creates an artificial fog . Just place it inside the water.

Line Green

You can use Line Green, in order to separate pebbles and splits. By this way you create floorings  with different materials, without  mixing it. You can also separate pebble-split from grass.

Line Green Natural Stones Pangea

Gravel Fix

Special ‘’combs’’ which are placed in the floor and filled with materials such as split for example. By this way, materials inside the combs are stabilized, preventing them from moving.

Special Stone Protection

Special stone protection oil used to repeal  mud and stains. These oil also make colors more vivid  and convert stone surface into waterproof. Our company also supply special products for cleaning stone surfaces from mud and stains.


Stainless outlets, used to create a waterfall, both in walls and floor.

Water Outlets Natural Stones Pangea