The permeable pavement fixing mortar

Product information

ROMPOX® – DRAIN is a highly water permeable pavement fixing mortar that allows almost all quantities of rainwater to seep into the ground. Due to the open porous structure of ROMPOX® – DRAIN all the requirements for a water permeable and thus envi- ronmentally friendly pavement fixing mortar are fulfilled.

Suited for:

Frost and de-icing salt resistant, weed free, abrasion and sweeping machine resistant, environmentally friendly, quick, cost effective and permanent joint fixing of almost all natural and concrete paving stones, slabs and clinker surfaces (Not suitable for all types of stones).

Areas of application: e.g. private driveways as well as public car parking spaces.

Instructions for use

1.Clean out joints to a depth of at least 30 mm (minimum joint width 5 mm). The surface to be joint-fixed  should be cleaned of all impurities before work commences. Adjoining surfaces that are not to be joint-fixed  are taped off


2-3-4. Pour the filler components (25 kg sack) into the mixing tub and start the mixing process. Whilst mixing, slowly add the separately packaged resin/hardener component (2 plastic bottles stuck to each other) completely into the mixture. After mixing for 3 minutes add approx. 2 litres of water and continue mixing well for at least 3 minutes


5. Moisten the surface. Porous surfaces as well as higher surface temperatures, require more intense moistening.

6. Apply the mixed pavement fixing mortar onto the well moistened surface and work it carefully into the joints using a squeegee/rubber  slider. The mortar is poured out at three or four spots within the jointing area in order to make best use of the fluidity of the pavement fixing mortar. Application time at + 20 °C is approx. 20 – 30 minutes.

7-8. After approx. 10 – 15 minutes the excess mortar on the surface of the stones can be swept off carefully with a large, coarse broom.Then use a soft, hair broom to do a final cleaning until all residual mortar has been removed from the surface. The correct moment for sweeping, is when white smears no longer form on the stone surface during sweeping. Sweeping should be done diagonally to the joint. Do not re-use swept off material.

9-11 The freshly jointed surface needs to be protected  against rain for the next 12 – 24 hours. The rain protection layer must not be laid directly onto the paved surface, this is to ensure sufficient air circulation (see diagram 11). Safe rain protection is afforded  by the specially developed ROMEX®  protective  surface mats, that can be simply laid on the surface (see diagram 10). Please ask your trade supplier.


During the initial period a very thin film of epoxy resin remains on the stone surface and intensifies the colour of the stone and protects it from dirt. This film, however, disappears from the surface in open weather and through abrasion in the coming months.

Important instructions: Not suitable for all types of stones

Important note: Please take note of the information regarding the preparation of paving stones and surfaces in the brochure “Technical information & practical application tips” and the ROMEX®   – application films.


Video: Application Instructions

Consumption table in kg/m²

Basis for calculation: Joint depth Ø 30 mm/joint width Ø 8 mm. This table is an aid for calculations. Due to the natural shape of paving stones, deviations are possible. The size of the stone (length x width) is given in cm. The calculating factor can be taken from the table. Example: stone size 10 x 10 cm = 6,00 kg/m2. Consumption for additional colour stone grey: + approx. 3 %, consumption for additional colour basalt: + approx. 5 %. Consumption for polygonal slabs (no exact size): approx. 4 – 6 kg/m2 (value from experience).

Technical Data

Property                                             Unit                Laboratory value*1         Building site value*2

Hard mortar raw density                      kg/dm3                       1,57                                    1,29

Bending tensile strength                      N/mm2                        7,4                                      5,1

Compression strength                         N/mm2                        15,1                                    9,2

Static elasticity                                  N/mm2                       1.240                                  1.550

Water permeability  coefficient               m/s                             –                                     4,96 · 10-3  = approx. 15 l/min/m2(for a joint fraction of 10 %) *3


*1. without added water *2. according to ROMEX® testing methods *3. water permeable according to the “Leaflet on water permeable pavements and roads”, by Research institute for road and traffic; issue 1998

Properties of ROMPOX® – DRAIN:

  • for light vehicle traffic loads
  • self compacting
  • water emulsifiable
  • for joint widths from 5 mm wide
  • highly water permeable
  • can be applied to ground temperatures of > 0 ºC
  • for joint depths from 30 mm deep
  • 2 component epoxy resin