The decorative grit and gravel hardener

Product information

ROMPOX®   – DEKO is a binding agent for the hardening of commercially available washed, dried and dust-free grit and gravel (gra- nularity of approx. 5/8 to 32/56 mm) in- and outside.

The frost and de-icing salt resistant, weed free, abrasion resistant, high-pressure-cleaner-resistant, environmentally friendly, quick, cost effective and permanent hardening of washed, dried and dust-free grit and gravel with a granularity of approx. 5/8 to 32/56 mm in- and outside.

Application areas

Tree-circles, pavement and slab alterations, graves, splash guards, house connection areas and all decorative surfa- ces around your house and garden. Product is suitable for private and public places in- and outside.

Watch the video below.

Video: Characteristics and applications

Instructions for Use

1. Prepare surface to be decorated to a depth of at least 30 mm making it stable. Adjacent surfaces which are not to be decorated have to be masked.

2. Wash dusty grit/gravel and let dry completely (in combination with wetness/humidity, binding agent might swell unintentionally)!

3. Pour 50 kg (2 x 25 kg) of clean and dry grit/gravel into the compulsory or free fall mixer and start the mixing process.

4. Whilst mixing, slowly add the whole contents of the 1 kg tin ROMPOX® – DEKO. Total mixing time at least 5 minutes.

5-6-7. Pour the ready to use mix onto the prepared surface; if necessary, disperse it with a shovel and draw off on the same level in a coat height of at least 30 mm with a level rod.

8. Using a mason’s trowel, work it in well so it is deep and compact. Trowel surface.

9. The freshly decorated surface must be protected against rain for 24 hours. The rain protection mat must not be put directly on the surface in order to ensure air circulation. In case of doubt, test a small sample surface before you get down to work.

Important notes:

Dry washed grit/gravel completely because binding agent might swell in combination with wetness/humidity!

Kindly note the brochure “TECHNICAL INFORMATION  & practical application tips“ and the ROMEX®   application films.

Application film

Video: Instructions for appliaction

Consumption table in kg/m²

Basis for calculation: surface depth Ø 30 mm.

Requirements for each m2  surface to be decorated:

1 kg tin ROMPOX®  – DEKO

+ 50 kg (2 sacks of 25 kg each) of grit/gravel

(granularity of approx. 5/8 to 32/56 mm)

Properties of ROMPOX®  – DEKO:

  • for pedestrian traffic loads
  • frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • suitable for do-it-yourself
  • for surface depths from 30 mm
  • no offensive odour
  • can be applied to ground temperatures
  • highly water permeable
  • colourfast
  • from > 7 °C
  • 1-component special resin
  • UV and water resistant
  • hardens almost any kind of grit and gravel

Technical Data

  • Hard mortar raw density ~1,65 kg/dm³
  • Bending tensile strength ~1,75 N/mm²
  • Compressive strength ~6,3 N/mm²
  • Water permeability  value(m/s) υψηλή

Storage life: 12 months, frost free and dry

Standard specifications

Make surface to be decorated stable up to a depth of at least 30 mm. Adjacent surfaces which are not to be decorated have to be masked.

Surface sealing with 1 component special resin binding agent ROMPOX®  – DEKO with high water permeability,  UV resistant, colourfast, nearly odour free, applicable from > 7 °C surface temperature, frost and de-icing salt resistant, abrasion resistant.

Surface can be walked on after 24 hours, final re-opening after 6 days (at approx. +20 °C surface temperature). Please supply accurate and original building site data.