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Resident MC Kos

The strong point of the composition was the distant horizon, the sky  and sea blue combined with the landscape of dry grass, which played a special role in the design. The Aegean northerly wind adds a continuous vitality to the landscape, not only to sights of the sea and grass, but also to the wrinkling of the swimming pool surface, which comes close to the accommodation spaces, advancing an austere architecture, perfectly adapted to its natural environment.

Bare concrete, as main construction element, is used in a non-imposing manner, offering the ability to configure internal and external spaces of equal importance and aesthetics.Thus, a sequence of orthogonal concrete frames is created, comprising “breathing” atriums for the interior to open out to, as well as recesses wherein semi- outdoor spaces are formed in direct connection with the indoor ones, and as their functional extension.

This purely geometrical layout is consistent with the linear development of each swimming pool’ surrounding  area. Furniture is minimal and purely functional, corresponding with the architecture. The main material used is cement screed on flooring, sought to match the concrete of walls, and on the bathroom walls.

The bathroom and kitchen benches are in Corian, with plaster board suspended ceilings in the bedrooms, and discreet hidden lighting on the premises. Sliding glass panels with thin aluminium frames take up the whole of the elevation fronts, ensuring visual unification between indoor and outdoor areas. The pergolas in Swedish timber are painted grey.