Our company was established in 1995 and it exclusively deals with natural stones, which have mainly natural cleft surface.

The legal title of the company is Natural Stones Export – Import Paris Stathopoulos.

When the millennium changed we got the discrete title PANGEA, which comes from the ancient-Greek expression pan-gea. It is the scientific definition for every single soil in earth millions years ago before they had been gradually separated into our known continents.

At the end of 2000 we transferred our activities such as offices, storehouses etc in our new owned stockyard of (10.000m2) in Agios Vasilios near the city of Thessaloniki. There in 2.000m2 open area we have build our first garden showroom.

In 2006 we enlarged our stockyard area by 6.000m2

In February 2007 PANGEA starts a new garden park exhibition (1.500m2) inside the city of Thessaloniki.

In both open-air exhibitions visitors may walk through small garden units with different design and materials applied. They can touch all natural stones from various kinds-countries-colors-selections and be introduced in the world of stones.


PANGEA is exporting till 1995 all kinds of greek slates in different selections (flagstones, machine and hand cut paving as well as wall cladding, roofing slabs, etc.), as well as landscaping stones and pebbles to various countries all over the world.

Our company strategy is to have only few serious and long-lasting partners in every country, who will promote the marketing of our products in their region and whom we do support at the most.

PANGEA is working in exclusivity with various quarries, from which we get stones produced, selected, packed and loaded according company’s criteria.

A further advantage is the central geographical position of Thessaloniki with nearby highway junction (4-5 days transit time to the most European destinations) as well as the container port of the city (12-15 days transit time to all european ports).

Our export oriented quality, knowledge of the matter and our prompt responsible service guarantee for PANGEA.