Pebbles 3

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Pebbles are made by nature since the beginning of the world, by constantly brushing natural stones with water movement, in rivers and in the sea costs.
They have various colors and sizes, depending on the stones being located in each area.
Specific colored pebbles are being made in quarries, which are broken in presses and then being processed as pebbles into big round tanks, until their final shape. Then pebbles are being separated and picked, depending on their size into different dimensions.
Pebbles are used as decorative in garden landscaping and in mosaic floors.


Pebbles can transform the exteriors into a piece of art , as long as no cars are allowed to pass over .


  • Decrease the cement, allowing water flow.
  • Easy and quick construction
  • No need for continual maintenance
  • Natural products , with wide color range
  • Can be combined with lots of other stones
  • Can also be combined with plants and flowers

Approximately we have measured the quantity needed for surfaces :

  • 2-4cm approx. 15-20m2 per tone
  • 5-10cm approx. 8-10 m2 per tone

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