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House MC Alonisos

Set against the Aegean blue under the brightest Greek sun and amidst rocky embraces, lofty olives and herbs, the house dominates the Isomata area of Alonissos Island in Northern Sporades.

Four coarse volumes, randomly thrown, converse with one another in the latest technological comforts and the most authentic vernacular elements, adapted to the island’s current context.

The volumes, clad in local stone, in a perfect balance of colours, textures and materials, follow the coastline,  welcome  the East and look to the Sporades  Islands archipelago, in a particular relationship between landscape – building – sea.

Serving an endless game, where the inside flirts with the outside in an uninterrupted conversation, the volumes are joined internally by glass bridges. Invisible frames of high thermal insulation properties maximize the use of natural light. Large wooden decks link externally each volume to the next, and to the olive grove.

The most charming elements from the past are replicated with a fresh though respectful approach to Aegean architecture. Large, slate coated roofs with vernacular wooden trusses wisely hide the necessary rainwater collection.

Gauche dry stone walls support trees and herbs and adorn the olive grove, creating passages and niches for reading, playing, relaxation and chit-chat. In full cooperation and continuation of the main residence, the Spartan swimming pool stars in the communal areas, with stony hues and materials.

Internally, the selected blinding white shade and cement  elements  on  floors and  bathrooms  create continuous, uniform and clean surfaces. The latest high technology home equipment is put together  with Aegean vernacular  built-in elements,  providing maximum  comfort  to  this rental country house. Minimal yet rich in detail furniture  complete  the charming  scenery.