Granite flower pots, which provide a sense of nature to your garden, combined with flowers.


Granite Flowerpots Natural Stones Pangea

Antique Oval

Granite Flowerpots Antique Oval Natural Stones Pangea


Granite Flowerpots Basalt Natural Stones Pangea

Las Vegas

Granite Flowerpots Las Vegas Natural Stones Pangea

New Orleans

Granite Flowerpots New Orleans Natural Stones Pangea


All items are hand made on natural granite. Therefore all given dimensions and weights can never be exact.

All items are available in gray and yellow granite.

They can be ordered also in rose, red and black granite.

All items can be produced on order in bigger dimensions. Moreover on order can be produced any other item according client’s draw.

Delivery time:

  • 2 – 5 days


  • In palletes and wooden crates.